Operating pressure- 3 bar

Operating inlet flow rate- 2 lbs/sec.

Maximum allowed inlet air temperature- 300 ºC

Output shaft- 24 tooth spline

Max output torque- 950 ft lb

Reduction gearbox- 10:1 planetary , Clockwise rotation

Oil type- MIL-L-7808 @ 350cc

Oil change interval- Every 1000 engine hours

I purchased this unit in hope to use the reduction drive on my DIY gas turbine power turbine. I have found, with most online purchases , particularly in the turbomachinery department, there will always be that one seller to find a way to stretch the truth just a little too much. In this case the answer "rotates freely" when asked the question "Does the unit rotate?" was in fact true, but what wasn't mentioned was the sound of metal on metal friction. Inspection of the mag plug gave all the answers needed in a quarter turn.

This ATS-400 AiResearch air turbine starter was pulled from a MD80 due to  "excess metal on mag plug". It was supplied by either a ground air source or by the aircraft's bleed air system for means to start one of the main engines. They're normally seen on larger aircraft engines with decreased weight benefits over traditional electric starting systems. The amount of power these units output is nothing short of impressive with ratings over 900 ft lb.


The study and unconventional use of small gas turbine powerplants.


AiResearch ATS-400