AiResearch GTC 43/44


Operating output pressure- 2.9 bar

Pressure Ratio- 3:1

Discharge air Temp- 120 ºC

Shaft RPM- 36000

Power rating- 32 Air HP

Reduction gearbox- Spur pinion​

The Airesearch GTC43/44 is a significant piece of Garrett's history. It was the first successful gas turbine produced by Garrett and was also the first small gas turbine to pass the 200 Hours navy endurance test. The twin can combustor unit is very similar to its more commonly known derivative GTP70 which produced shaft power rather than compressed air. The first 43's were contracted to come in two variations , a self contained universal ground based support unit and a compact APU for the XP5Y Flying Boat aircraft (Both variations seen below). Later, the unit would be contracted for other ground and air based applications with over 500 units being produced.